Trishco Cream Puffs


Dessert & Charcuterie? Oh, there’s nothing better!

Best known as a traditional cream puff or pâte à choux.  Puffs by Trishco are your classic indulgence, but elevated to a gourmet dessert. Each one is topped with a buttery craqueline and baked until beautifully cracked and golden. They are individually and generously filled with various pastry creams, fruits, and sauces. Each cream puff is finished with a perfectly paired topping.

Puffs are baked fresh daily and each cream puff is individually prepared  using fresh, wholesome, high quality ingredients.  

Seasonal Flavours Include: 

Chocolate Supreme – chocolate craqueline topped choux pastry, filled with  a decadent 70% Valhorna chocolate pastry cream; dipped in dark chocolate,  and drizzled with triple chocolate ~ dark, milk, and white 

Spiced Pumpkin Cream – cinnamon craqueline topped choux pastry; filled  with an aromatic spiced pumpkin cream; topped with cinnamon whipped  cream, and sprinkled cinnamon graham crumbs 

Cranberry Clementine – zested craqueline topped choux pastry; filled with  cranberry clementine sauce; topped with eggnog infused whipped cream,  and sprinkled with bits of candied cranberries  

Vanilla Bean traditional craqueline topped choux pastry; filled with a  diplomat vanilla pastry cream; topped with vanilla infused whipped  cream, and shards of white chocolate

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Trishco Cream Puffs maintain optimum freshness if refrigerated for up to two days.

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4 Puffs (Assorted): $18 + Tax, 8 Puffs (Assorted): $36 + Tax, 12 Puffs (Assorted): $54 + Tax