Small Bites, Brunch, Sandwiches, Salads, and More

Welcome to our catering menu where we offer an abundance of grazing options from our Small Bites & Solo Grazing menu, to breakfast and lunch with our brunch boxes, sandwiches, and salads. Each option is perfected and curated to offer an indulgent tasting experience for all of your guests to enjoy. We love to let the beauty of food shine by showcasing grazing culture through edible art. 

Our menu is designed to bring people together through wholesome food that looks just as good as it tastes. Grazing together allows people to pause for connection, and conversation and creates a flavourful-tasting experience that everyone can enjoy.

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Our canapés are offered in 5 decadent flavour parings with dynamic textures and the perfect combination of sweet and savoury with dynamic textures. Our canapés are great additions for hosting, cocktail hour, or appetizers, and are offered for up to 200 guests. Choose just one of our flavour pairings or mix all three options to create an abundant tasting experience. 


Offered in mini sandwich size perfect for sharing. This offering comes displayed on a tray with our 3 sandwich options & beautiful garnishing. Choose just one flavour or mix and match. If you’d like full size, please head to our regular lunch menu. Great for midnight lunch, following your special event, planning meetings, etc.

Pair our Fresh Handhelds with our powerhouse salads with 2 fresh options. Our gourmet salads are packed with nutrient-dense ingredients, and plant-based protein options and dressed with our house-made vinegarettes.



These delicious brunch boxes contain an assortment of fresh and wholesome breakfast treats. Our brunch boxes are a perfect accompaniment to any gathering from a brunch with family & friends to something to graze on while getting ready for your special day. Our Brunch Boxes have been offered on special days such as Mother’s Day and Boxing day and are excellent additions to getting ready for your wedding day, brunch following your wedding, hosting breakfast, or an office brunch. We’ve got the brunch covered, you just sit back and graze!

These delicious special occasion boxes are a perfect way to start your day they are great to graze on while getting ready for your wedding or special occasion. Click on the offerings below to see available size options.