XL Grazing for 30+ Guests

  • Gather & Graze YQL is an experienced-based business that delivers edible art to its customers by way of delicious cheese & charcuterie grazing pieces. We have recently expanded our menu to include specialty grazing options, like our Small Bites & Solo Grazing menu, to breakfast and lunch with our brunch boxes, sandwiches and salads.

  • Sourcing the best ingredients for top-quality products, Gather & Graze YQL is known for beautifully, hand-crafted and delicious treats. Menu options for any gathering small or large, from individual serve or sharing platter to catering events. All of our grazing pieces are handcrafted and most certainly one of a kind. We love to let the beauty of food shine with no two pieces alike.

  • Our menu is designed to bring people together through wholesome food that looks just as good as it tastes. Grazing together allows people to pause for connection, conversation and creates a flavourful tasting experience that everyone can enjoy.

  • Click here request our Special Events Menu or to speak with Robin directly to begin discuss grazing options.

Large Grazing Board

Boards come pre-assembled with some assembly required at venue 45min. – 1hr prior to your event start time. 

Gather & Graze YQL 4″ – 8″ Russian Olivewood board(s) with an abundant and artful display of traditional cheese and charcuterie grazing. Our large grazing boards can feed 30-60 for appetizers.

An assortment of cheeses, cured meats, fresh baguette, crackers, fresh fruit and vegetables, dried fruit, nuts, olives, pickles, and finished with something sweet. Each grazing piece includes garnishing of fresh flowers. Baguette & crackers may come on an additional platter.
Price Starts at: $495

Grazing Table

Tables are assembled at the venue 2 hours prior to event start time.

Guests can enjoy grazing on Gather & Graze YQL multilevel grazing table display. Charcuterie will be arranged on the provided table along with wooden and marble risers. Our grazing tables can feed 40-200 guests for cocktail hour, appetizer, or meal style portions.

A lavish multilevel traditional cheese + charcuterie grazing table that is artfully arranged and piled high with wholesome ingredients like a variety of blue, hard, semi-hard, semi-soft, soft and fresh, and soft-ripened cheeses, cured meats, dip, preserves/jelly , an assortment of fresh fruit and vegetables, dried fruit, nuts, olives, pickles, chocolates, fresh baguette & sampling of crackers. Each grazing piece includes garnishing & fresh flowers.
Price Starts At: $600

Custom Ordering

The best part of our food fusion experience is that we offer complete customization on any of our menu options large or small. We love creating one-of-a-kind grazing platters to match any vision, style or type of special event. We would be happy to set up time to connect with you virtually or in person for a free consultation to discuss your event to create a custom order that is tailored just for you and your guest.  We would love to discuss themes, budget, grazing options, location & time, etc.

Options could include; Baby & Wedding Showers, Birthday Celebrations, Funeral Services, Condolences Packages, Open Houses, Annual General Meetings, Team Meetings and Holiday Parties, Intimate/Romantic Celebrations, Thank You Gifts, etc.