Love Collection


Celebrate love in a big way by choosing from our locally infused, elegant, hand-crafted collection to share with your special someone. Our collection is available for pick up on February 13, 14, 15th.

Our Love Collection includes 2 mood-setting options with a variety of indulgent flavours.

OPTION 1: Cheese & Charcuterie Graze + Cream Puffs $92  *SALE * $89 

Each box is elegantly styled with the perfect accompaniments for an unmatched tasting experience. Your clear window grazing box is beautifully arranged and filled with 3 styles of flavour-packed cheese (Spain Manchego, Local Jalapeno Gouda, England Cranberry Wensleydale), 3 charcuterie meats, an assortment of fresh produce, pickles, olives, nuts, dip, sleeve of water crackers, and artisan mustard or preserves. Each grazing piece is a generous meal for 2. Finish off your graze with 2 locally made, deluxe cream puffs from Puffs by TirshCo. All grazing boxes are hand-tied with red ribbon for easy transport and for a romantic opening. 

Add extra meat, cheese, baked Brie, or dessert to build the love package of your dreams.

OPTION 2: Brie & Baguette + Cream Puffs $35

Baked Brie is, quite simply, the best-melted cheese in the world. We’ve taken care of the prep work so all you have to do is sit back and watch the magic happen.

Your full wheel of French Brie will come with a scored rind, topped with walnuts, berries, and local honey. All you have to do is transfer it to your oven-safe dish and bake at 350F for 10-12 minutes (or longer if you want!). Add your baguette to the oven for the last 1-2 minutes to warm. Slice your baguette and dig in. Once the inside comes pouring out like lava, you’ll forget all your troubles. It’s a cheese-aholic heaven! Brie rind is edible, and it actually adds nuance and complexity of flavour.

Pictures include variations of what is offered within the collection. 

Celebrate love and enjoy this intimate collection. Our collection is available for pick up on February 13, 14, 15th.

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Charcuterie + Puffs (Black Forest & White on White) $92, Charcuterie + Puffs (Milk Chocolate & Tuxedo) $92, Charcuterie + Puffs (Black Forest & Tuxedo) $92, Charcuterie + Puffs (White on White & Milk Chocolate) $92, Brie & Baguette + Puffs $35