Special Events

  • Gather & Graze YQL offers charcuterie grazing pieces for small or large gatherings. We offer grazing boxes & boards and grazing tables for larger gatherings. Charcuterie is designed to bring people together through wholesome food that is artfully arranged. Grazing together allows people to pause for connection and conversation. Our grazing pieces are a perfect addition to any gathering;
    • Weddings: Charcuterie grazing tables are becoming increasingly popular additions to weddings. Most commonly, couples are choosing grazing pieces for elopements, cocktail hour, in replacement of dining with our beautifully displayed edible tables-cape.

Our grazing pieces are also perfect additions for individual style grazing pieces for each guest or each table to graze family style.

  • Options can include but aren’t limited to: Cocktail hour, dinner, getting ready for the big day, while getting your pictures taken, or midnight lunch.
  • We offer a variety of grazing options to match the vision of your special day.
    • Grazing Tables: starting at $25/person
    • Graze Boards: starting at
    • Graze Boxes: $15/person
  • Click here request our Special Events Menu or to speak with Robin directly to begin discuss grazing options.
  • Whether your gathering virtually or in person, our grazing options have something everyone can enjoy. We have grazing options for corporate meetings, welcoming new clients, office brunch or lunch, parties, and so much more.
    • Click here  to request our Special Events Menu.
  • Funeral services

Other Special events; birthday celebrations, wedding & baby shower